Wagamama Super Green Juice Recipe: 10 Essential Health Benefits

Wagamama super green juice recipe is a good option for those who want to eat healthily and maintain a fit lifestyle. It is also considered a diet drink consumed any day of the week. This is due to its low-calorie content and high amount of nutrients.

It has a refreshing taste that leaves you feeling energized as soon as you start consuming it. If you are tired of drinking water or juice, this drink would be an excellent choice for a change in your routine.

What Is A Wagamama Super Green Juice Recipe?

Wagamama super green juice recipe is a drink made up of mixed leaves, fruit, and healthy and detoxifying ingredients.

It is a refreshing, tasty drink with a delicious taste as it has all the necessary nutrients your body needs. Different products are used in the production process to make different flavors of this health drink.

Benefits Of Eating This Wagamama Super Green Juice Recipe

You get many benefits when you decide to consume this healthy drink. It is a great way to lose weight and maintain a good diet. This drink’s detoxifying properties help improve metabolic rate and digestive processes.

It also helps in giving your body the energy it needs while maintaining a full stomach with fiber. This is one of the reasons why many people want to drink this delicious juice every day; it has all the nutrients needed for healthy living.

How To Make A Wagamama Super Green Juice Recipe?

The Wagamama super green juice recipe is easy to make; anyone who wants to drink it can. All you have to do is get the right ingredients and prepare them accordingly.

Most products used in making this drink are available in herbal and health stores. You can also find recipes online to help you make it at home.


  • A juicer
  • A blender
  • A spout


  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 apple
  • 2 leaves of parsley
  • 4 leaves of spinach
  • 4 leaves of kale
  • 2 leaves of mint
  • 1 lemon (peeled)
  • 1 orange (peeled)


1. It is important to get the ingredients for the mixture well and prepared.

2. First, you must put the lemon and orange in a blender. After that, you need to add one apple, two leaves of parsley, four leaves of spinach, and four leaves of kale.

3. Then, you will use the juicer to squeeze all ingredients into your blender. You then add 2 more cucumbers and continue mixing until everything combines well.

4. Use a spout to pour and serve the drink.

Nutrition Facts Of Wagamama Super Green Juice Recipe

Nutrition Amount

10 Essential Health Benefits Of Wagamama Super Green Juice Recipe

1. Prevents Diabetes

Eating this drink regularly will prevent you from developing diabetes as it has low amounts of sugar. It also has substances that help in controlling and balancing the insulin level in your body.

2. Helps In Weight Loss

If you consume this juice regularly, you can lose a lot of weight naturally. Some people have lost up to 10 kilograms by consuming this juice for weeks because its detoxifying properties help remove unwanted toxins from the body. This helps your body burn fat at a faster rate.

3. Helps In Losing Belly Fat

This juice also burns unwanted fats from your body. It helps regulate your digestive system and is a great detoxifier that helps keep you in shape.

4. Increases Fertility

Many people are looking for ways to help increase their fertility after difficulties conceiving a child. This drink has beneficial ingredients that help increase the flow of sperm and eggs, which increases the chances of getting pregnant.

5. Prevents Heart Diseases

Low amounts of sugar and natural sugars as ingredients in this drink help prevent several heart diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. They also help maintain a healthy blood pressure level that reduces the risk of heart attacks.

6. Reduces Stress

Consuming this drink is good for your emotional and cognitive health. It helps release the chemicals present in the brain that limit you from being stressed and helps you relax while enjoying its fresh taste.

7. Improves Digestion System

This drink helps your digestive system by detoxifying it and removing unwanted wastes from the body. It helps curb your appetite and reduces bloating by balancing your blood sugar level.

8. Helps In Liver Health

The high amounts of fiber present in this drink can help you cleanse your liver and eliminate unwanted toxins from it. It also helps your body make the digestive process easier, which is important for healthy liver function.

9. Prevents Cancer

The fibers present in this drink help improve the immune and digestive systems, which helps in preventing some types of cancers.

10. Improves Brain Health

Many people with dementia or Alzheimer’s have reduced brain function because their bodies are not working properly. This juice helps your body maintain healthy chemistry that regulates your mental functions and keeps you mentally stable.

How Long Will It Take To Prepare?

Prepare Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 0 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Can I Freeze This Recipe?

Yes, you can freeze this recipe. Most ingredients are fresh and should not be kept in the freezer for long periods. Some people recommend you use this drink within two months of its preparation.


The Wagamama super green juice is clear, refreshing, and tastes amazing. If you want to keep fit and eat healthily, consider this drink part of your daily diet.

You will surely enjoy it as much as many other people who have been drinking the same recipe for years already. This drink is a great way to lose weight, maintain a healthy diet, and increase your mental and physical health.

If you have not tried it before, consider the Wagamama super green juice recipe as part of your meal plan. You will surely enjoy it. Thank you for reading this article about Wagamama Super Green Juice Recipe.