Vegan Persimmon Pudding Recipe: Best 6 Health Benefits

The vegan persimmon pudding recipe is an incredibly sweet and satisfying vegan-friendly recipe that goes as well with a cold winter night as on a hot summer day.

The vegan persimmon pudding recipe is also gluten-free and can be made sugar-free using stevia or your sweetener rather than sugar. This recipe was inspired by an old classic recipe of my mother-in-law.

The vegan persimmon pudding recipe makes a delicious and healthy pudding that can be enjoyed year-round. It is especially ideal for the colder months, where it can be served warm, or for those warm days when you can enjoy a slice as a decadent snack.

This vegan persimmon pudding recipe features a simple but thick, sweet pudding traditionally enjoyed in Japan and many other Asian countries.

Including persimmons (an incredibly low-calorie and nutritious fruit) adds flavor and sweetness to this classic dessert dish. This vegan persimmon pudding recipe is also lightly sweetened by using a small amount of maple syrup, and it is fragrant due to the inclusion of orange zest.

How To Make A Vegan Persimmon Pudding Recipe?

It is easy to make a vegan persimmon pudding recipe. It can be dressed up however you like by adding different toppings and fruits or berries to the top of each portion.


  • A large bowl.
  • A large wooden spoon.
  • A small-medium saucepan.
  • A metal or glass mixing bowl.
  • A candy thermometer.
  • Whisk or electric whisk.
  • Cooking thermometer (optional).


  • 3 large persimmons.
  • 4 tablespoons of maple syrup.
  • ¾ cup of water.
  • 1 ¼ cup of orange juice, freshly squeezed and chilled.
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon powder, (optional) (can be omitted, but I like it).
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract (optional).
  • A pinch of salt.
  • 3 tablespoons of cornstarch, dissolved in ¼ cup of orange juice.
  • 8 tablespoons of sugar.
  • Orange zest for garnish (optional).

Preparation Methods

1. Wash, peel and cut persimmons into quarters (or any shape or way you like). You can also use canned persimmons without skin in this recipe.

2. In a saucepan, combine water, sugar, and cinnamon over low heat until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat when the temperature reaches 120 degrees Celsius and let cool completely.

3. Add persimmon to the pot and orange juice, salt, and vanilla extract (if used). Stir well and set aside for 30 minutes.

4. Place cornstarch and orange juice mix in another small bowl. Stir until completely dissolved.

5. After 30 minutes, add to the fruit pot and stir well to combine.

6. Once the temperature is at 88 degrees Celsius, pour in the dissolved cornstarch-orange juice mixture and bring the heat to medium for about 7-10 minutes until it thickens into pudding consistency (the cornstarch should be cooked through so that it doesn’t taste raw).

7. Remove from heat and let cool completely.

8. Add maple syrup, stir well and remove from heat.

9. Pour out into 4 serving dishes and decorate with orange zest (optional).

10. Serve in 4 portions, one persimmon quarter on the bottom of each portion and a nice big dollop of pudding on top of it.

Nutrition Facts Of Vegan Persimmon Pudding Recipe

Carbohydrates72.0 g
Protein1.9 g
Calcium5 mg  
Fiber3.8 g  
Fat 0.4 g       
Saturated Fat0.0 g  
Monounsaturated Fat0.0 g  
Polyunsaturated Fat0.1 g   
Vitamin A6 mg
Vitamin C22 mg
Potassium 833.0 mg    

Best 6 Health Benefits Of Vegan Persimmon Pudding Recipe

1. It is low in calories, fat, and sugar and is relatively healthy for your health since it contains a large amount of fiber. Managing your weight can be an important part of overall health when looking for how to lose weight, so this vegan-friendly recipe helps control your weight by keeping your blood sugar levels stable, thereby controlling weight and preventing diabetes.  

2. Persimmons are a very low-calorie fruit (20-30 calories per persimmon). It is also high in fiber and extremely low in sugar (0.5 – 1.5% sugar per persimmon). It serves as a great snack for diabetics, the elderly, or anyone who needs to control their weight. Eating moderately sized persimmons can be part of a healthy diet for anyone looking to live longer or to stay young and healthy.

3. This recipe also contains a large amount of vitamin C, which is excellent for the immune system (vitamin C per 100g) and can help prevent colds and coughing. Vitamin C also contributes to good health in general by supporting the immune system, cell growth and repair, skin health, and iron absorption.

4. The inclusion of cinnamon in this recipe also helps regulate blood sugar levels by helping to control appetite and calming your body.

5. This recipe contains a relatively large amount of calcium (5 mg per portion), which is essential for building healthy bones and teeth and supporting good muscle function, nerve signaling, blood clotting, and hormonal secretion.

6. This recipe contains an abundance of vitamin A (6 mg per portion) which is excellent for supporting vision health and the growth of epithelial tissues that make up your skin, mucus membranes, and other tissues. It is also essential for good immune system function.

How Long Will It Take To Prepare?

Prepare Time: 10 Minutes.

Cooking Time: 15 Minutes.

Total Time: 25 minutes.

Is It Gluten-Free?

Yes, it’s gluten-free. It’s best to check with your physician or dietitian before adding flour or grains to your diet if you are new to a gluten-free lifestyle.

Can Vegans Eat Vegan Persimmon Pudding Recipe?

Yes, it’s vegan-friendly. However, if you follow a strict vegan diet (no eggs, dairy, or honey), you must ensure that your cornstarch is vegan-friendly.

Can I Freeze This Recipe?

Yes, you can freeze this recipe. It lasts 2 months in the freezer. If you freeze it, let the pudding thaw in the refrigerator before eating or microwaving.


I hope you will enjoy the vegan persimmon pudding recipe and will enjoy it as much as I do, and I hope that you like it. Feel free to share it and comment below. I look forward to hearing your feedback and thank you again for visiting my blog.

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