Ruth’s Chris Lyonnaise Potatoes Recipe: 6 Best Freezing Ideas

Ruth’s Chris Lyonnaise Potatoes Recipe is a one-skillet dish that features potatoes, onions, bacon, and garlic. This is a great side dish or main dish alongside grilled burgers or steak.

You can have this spicy and flavorful recipe on your table in just about 30 minutes when you start with a prepared frozen bag of julienne-style potatoes.

The only other ingredients needed are olive oil, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. There are five easy steps to making this recipe, and the ingredients are easily found in almost any kitchen.

If you’re not a fan of bacon or it’s not a favorite ingredient in your family, feel free to substitute roasted chicken breast if you like.

How To Make A Ruth’s Chris Lyonnaise Potatoes Recipe?

Ruth’s Chris lyonnaise potatoes recipe is simple and quick to make. Here are the few ingredients and 7 easy preparation method steps you need to follow.


  • 1 small onion.
  • 1 pound of bacon (cooked, chopped).
  • 3 cloves of garlic.
  • 3 pounds of frozen potatoes (cut into 1/2 inch cubes).
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil.
  • 4 tablespoons butter (or unsalted margarine).
  • 4 teaspoons salt.
  • 1 teaspoon pepper.

Preparing Method

1. In a large nonstick skillet, heat the oil and butter over medium-high heat until the butter melts and sizzles. Add the chopped bacon (and optional roasted chicken breast) and cook until browned and crispy.

2. Add the onions to the pan and cook for about 5 minutes.

3. Add 4 teaspoons of salt, pepper, and 4 teaspoons of garlic powder. Mix everything well into the bacon grease mixture in the skillet.

4. Add a layer of potatoes to the skillet on the onion/bacon frying pan (approximately 2 cups). Drizzle 1 tablespoon olive oil over each layer of potatoes you place into the skillet.

5. Continue to add layers of potatoes, olive oil, and salt/pepper until all your potatoes are in the skillet.

6. Cover the skillet with a lid and cook at medium heat for 20 to 25 minutes or until the potatoes are tender. Add a little more butter or oil if needed while they cook.

7. Add the chopped bacon to the skillet and use a spatula to mix everything gently. Serve immediately with sour cream, Worcestershire sauce, or mayo as a side dish with burgers or grilled steak.


While ruth’s Chris lyonnaise potatoes recipe is best served hot, you can also serve this simple side dish at room temperature if you prefer. It’s a great recipe to have in your dinner repertoire that is sure to please.

Nutrition Fact Of Ruth’s Chris Lyonnaise Potatoes Recipe

Total fat13.7 g(23%)
Saturated fat4.6 g(25%)
Trans fat0g
Cholesterol25 mg(10%)
Sodium274 mg(11%)
Potassium 498 mg (15%)
Total Carbohydrate31.3 g (11%)
Dietary fiber 3.5 g(14%)
Sugars1.6 g(1%)
Protein8.4 g (16%)
Vitamin A14%
Vitamin C23%
Iron 9%.

Is It Healthy For Pregnant Women?

This recipe is not recommended for pregnant women as it contains small amounts of salt, fat, and other food additives.

Is It A Good Side Dish For Brats?

The simple and quick recipe for ruth’s Chris lyonnaise potatoes is a good side dish for grilled brats.

Does It Contain Trans Fat?

No, this recipe does not contain trans fat as the ingredients used do not contain any high amounts of trans fat.

Is It A Good Recipe For A Low-Carb Diet?

The quantity of carbohydrates in ruth’s Chris lyonnaise potatoes recipe is very less as only small quantities are used.

However, the amount of calories and cholesterol in this side dish is not too healthy for weight and cholesterol-conscious people.

The recipe for ruth’s Chris lyonnaise potatoes is also not recommended for people with a low-sodium diet.

How To Make A Vegan Ruth’s Chris Lyonnaise Potatoes Recipe?

If you want to make this into a vegan dish, you have to remove the bacon bits and replace them with olive oil or melted coconut oil.

And the next time your family comes over for dinner, try serving this side dish as part of their meal too. I hope you like my simple ruth’s Chris lyonnaise potatoes recipe.

6 Best Freezing Ideas Of Ruth’s Chris Lyonnaise Potatoes Recipe

1. You can freeze this recipe in any freezer container like a large ziplock bag or 8 cup capacity freezer container.

2. Or you can pour the hot meal into freezer-safe containers with tight-fitting lids and freeze them.

3. Make sure to leave at least an inch of space at the top of each container before you seal it with a lid. This will prevent the food from being trapped in the vacuum between the frozen food and air, making your food lose its freshness fast.

4. It is also best to add a thin layer of water to the container before freezing the food. This will prevent the potato cubes from freezing together on top of each other.

5. You can keep the frozen food for a couple of months in the freezer if you have sealed it well. But of course, you have to remember to remove it from the freezer a day before you need it and thaw it properly in the fridge before cooking.

6. If you’re planning to reheat this recipe after freezing, then just put it in a microwave for about 3 minutes with a few tablespoons of water or until hot and serve your family hot ruth’s Chris lyonnaise potatoes recipe.


Ruth’s Chris lyonnaise potatoes recipe is easy to make, and it can be on your dinner table in about 30 minutes.

If your family likes bacon, this is a perfect dish for them – especially if you serve it along with grilled burgers or steak.

The few ingredients are easily found in any kitchen, and the preparation time is quick, making this dish very convenient for busy families.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and if you do, please give it a nice rating. If you’re looking for more of my recipes, please browse through my recipe portal. Thanks for reading ruth’s Chris lyonnaise potatoes recipe.

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