Hungarian Christmas Cake Recipe: Amazing 6 Serving Ideas

Hungarian Christmas cake recipe is the most popular dessert of Christmas in Hungary. They are usually made with sour cherries, wheat flour, and spices.

Hungarian Christmas cake is a delicious traditional holiday bread for many families in Hungary. The cake is moist, soft, rich, and spicy as it contains half the sugar of regular cakes with sour cherries. Hungarian Christmas cake is one of Hungary’s most recognizable and special cakes.

How To Make A Hungarian Christmas Cake Recipe?

The Hungarian Christmas Cake Recipe is easy to make. However, it is a time-consuming and very special recipe.


  • A cake board (a flat board with several parallel slits to allow the cakes to be removed from the pan)
  • A metal pan
  • A fork and a knife
  • A wooden spoon


For The Mass

  • 1 cup of sour cherries (finely chopped)
  • 1/2 cup wet wheat flour
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 2 cups of unsalted butter (room temperature)
  • 2 eggs

For The Fruit Filling

  • 3 lbs. (2 and a half kg.) Sour Cherries (pitted and sieved with seeds removed)
  • 1 lb. (about 500 g.) Wheat Flour
  • 2 Tsp. Vanilla extract (can be replaced by white vinegar)
  • 2 tsp. Cinnamon powder (can be replaced by Ceylon cinnamon, but I think it is a little bit less hot)
  • 2 Tsp. Baking powder
  • 1 tsp. Baking soda

For The Topping

  • 1 lb. (500 g.) Wheat flour (or all-purpose flour)
  • 2 lbs. (1 kg.) Sugar
  • 2 Tsp. Vanilla extract (can be replaced by white vinegar)
  • 2 tsp. Salt
  • 1 cup of unsalted butter (room temperature)


1. Mix the wheat flour, sugar, and spices with the sour cherries. Add the melted butter and vanilla extract. Stir well with a wooden spoon.

2. Pour the water into it and stir until you have a soft dough.

3. Stir well, then pour it into a baking pan greased with margarine or butter.

4. Place it in an oven preheated to 180C (350F) degrees for about 1 hour or until its top starts to brown lightly

5. Take it out of the oven and let it cool down.

6. Spread the topping while the cake is still warm (if you wait too long, the cake will be hard, and you won’t be able to spread the topping over it.)

7. Cool in a closed place.

8. Take out the pan and remove the cake board.

9. Cut it into slices and serve.

Nutrition Facts Of Hungarian Christmas Cake Recipe

Saturated Fat4g
Trans Fat0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 4g

Amazing 6 Serving Ideas Of Hungarian Christmas Cake Recipe

1. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or chocolate sauce.

2. Top with whipped cream or frosting.

3. Serve it with a rich cocoa or chocolate sauce (ground) mixed with melted chocolate bars and spread over the cake, let it cool down, and serve.

4. Serve it with coffee or tea. Add ground cinnamon (or other spices) to the coffee/tea and serve both together in a single cup.

5. Serve it with white chocolate or vanilla frosting on the cake.

6. Serve it in small portions and offer a cup of strong coffee or tea and a spoonful of vanilla ice cream over the cake.

How Long Will It Take To Prepare?

Prepare Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 60 minutes

Total Time: 80 minutes

Yield: 6-8 slices (1.5″ x 4″)

Can I Freeze It?

Yes, you can. Once completely cooled, please place it in a well-sealed container and freeze it.

Can I Make It A Few Days Ahead?

Yes, you can prepare all the ingredients in advance and store them in an airtight container or ziplock bag (for longer storage – 3 months), and when ready to use, bake and serve. This cake freezes well too.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating This Hungarian Christmas Cake Recipe?

The Hungarian Christmas Cake Recipe is not only a delicious traditional dessert, but it is also beneficial in many ways:

  • It is a heart-healthy food. Sour cherries are rich in antioxidants; they reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • It improves digestion and reduces the risk of diverticulitis (intestinal tumors).
  • It reduces the risk of colon cancer.
  • It increases weight loss.
  • It prevents gallstones.
  • It contains no cholesterol and is easy to digest.


I hope you enjoy the Hungarian Christmas cake recipe! If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with me! I will be happy to help you.

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